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Jess. 19. UK. Yorkshire.

Currently studying Psychology at Nottingham University.

I really, really like magic. It's always made me happy.

I also really like acting.

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Last, and the furthest from least you can get, Tim Minchin is the greatest and my favourite person on this Earth. And any other Earth anyone may know of. And any Earth of which the knowledge has yet to come.


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Quiet | Matilda

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Matilda, Directed by Danny DeVito. (1996)

Matilda, Directed by Danny DeVito. (1996)

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No guys, I need to stop and talk about something in this movie and how fucking revolutionary it was; something that I haven’t seen in a movie before or since.

This is a movie about a kid who leaves her birth family.

Not a kid who find that they have a secret lineage or something that allows them to find their ‘true family’ - this is a movie about a kid whose true birth family is made up of bad people. So she gets out. And that is played as the right thing to do. She isn’t punished for it or made to feel bad about ‘abandoning her family’. There isn’t an underlying ‘but they’re your family and you have to love them’ or ‘they’re your family and they love you even if they don’t show it well or do hurtful things’ message of the kind that I see OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER in media. Matilda gets out and livess happily ever after because of it.

We need a million more movies like this to counter the metric shit ton of movies that directly counter this message.

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“Everyone is born, but not everyone is born the same.” (Matilda, 1996)

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(what do you mean it’s a selfish kind of present, she enjoyed it too!)

and all I can think is

"if you want to throw the hammer for your country…

you have to stay inside the circle all the time…”

I think there is something wrong with me because I can’t listen to the Matilda soundtrack without wanting to cry.

"In the slip of a bolt, there’s a tiny revolt, the seed of a war in the creek of a floorboard. A storm can begin with the flap of a wing, the tiniest mite packs the mightiest sting. Every day starts with the tick of a clock, all escapes start with the click of a lock."
- Naughty - Matilda the Musical

Tim did such an amazing job. Each song fits perfectly; the ones sung by children are childish, lyrically and musically and the ones sung by adults are more mature.

And it’s all just so clever, the lyrics weave so damn well and fit the musical perfectly.

Just…good job, Tim. Really, really good job.

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